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Essential Oils are a vital part of my life and have been instrumental in my journey towards wholeness. I can’t imagine life without them! I encourage everyone to start investigating the toxins present in their life and home and replacing them with essential oils. Essential oils are considered the lifeblood of plants. They are the aromatic liquid that serve as the plant’s immune system and building blocks to its DNA. They provide protection and nutrients to the plant and ward off unwanted threats to its health. I daily diffuse and apply essential oils to uplift my emotions, support my immune system, promote sleep, maintain healthy skin and much much more! I have replaced the toxic products in my home with healthy, all-natural plant-derived products made with essential oils. A company’s integrity and standard of excellence means a lot to me, and Young Living has impressed me again and again in these crucial areas. They are the only company I have found that owns its own farms, grows and distills their own plants, and have exclusive coop farms. They have a ‘seed to seal’ promise ensuring the highest quality of essential oil. They do not purchase oils from outside sources and rebottle. They are the source. I am so grateful for these healthy products.


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