Gut Cleanse

gutcleanse_circleThe gut is the immunity center of the body.  If you want to improve your overall wellbeing, begin implementing measures to support your gut. Sonja’s gut cleanse will guide you on a journey to restore optimal health (body, soul & spirit). Toxins must get past your gut in order to harm your body. Your gut is the mechanism for nutrient absorption. Your gut is a gateway. If toxins can get through, problems start. Even emotional health is connected to the gut due to the presence of serotonin neurotransmitters. The good news:  give your gut the attention it needs and you will improve your overall health!


This cleanse will support your body to bring candida overgrowth back into balance, support hormonal, emotional & digestive health, and help you obtain your ideal weight by releasing toxic fat & muscle.

The bottom line:  If you have a strong healthy gut you will have a strong immune system. If you have a strong immune system you will be able to ward off invaders and nasty toxins from the environment, not to mention you will look and feel fantastic! It’s all about prevention!


This is a highly effective and very thorough cleanse and requires focus, determination, and perseverance. It was developed through real-life experiences gleaned from experts around the world. It is much more than a physical cleanse. As you embrace this journey you will find greater freedom emotionally, physically and spiritually.  You will think clearer, have more energy, enjoy emotional stability and more! If you are looking for a new level of vitality and health in ALL areas of life, this cleanse is for you!


“I encourage you to take care of yourself and commit to 30 days of discipline for greater abundance and life in every way! We do better when we have others walking on our path with us. If you are interested in one on one coaching please contact me for a free 1/2hr inquiry session or watch for my next gut cleanse class to learn more.” – Sonja



(Sonja’s) cleanse was life changing for me and my family. Together, my husband and I lost 60 pounds of toxins! We are now in the best shape of our lives physically and spiritually. It opened up our lives to a greater level of prosperity. We are forever grateful. Thank you Sonja for challenging us to do it!! – Laura Gonzales, Fort Worth, TX


I lost 33 lbs. and 6 inches on my pant waist size, and my shirt size dropped from XL to Medium. Sylvia, my wife, lost 22 lbs. and dropped three dress sizes. We feel great, with a lot of energy. Really, this has been a complete life changing experience. Sonja, thank you again for your advice and encouragement. – David Carrizales, Benbrook, TX


I feel like a whole new person! It was very challenging, but because of Sonja’s encouragement, being in a support group and reading all the new resources, I renewed my mind and was able to push through and make it the 30 days. I lost 15 pounds, my body got to an alkaline state, and I had so much energy! Now juicing, green smoothies and enemas are regular part of my life and I feel amazing– Noël Clark, Fort Worth, TX