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About Sonja

Sonja Bomhoff has been happily married to Matt for over 26 years. Together, they have two daughters and live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Through the years of joy, pain, and struggle they continue to discover that cultivating authenticity, vulnerability, and connection in all areas of life produces sustainable change and joy from within.

If you spend any time around Sonja, you are likely to walk away challenged, inspired and stirred to pursue more in your life. She has this gift, this uncanny virtue in her heart that awakens others to discover the untapped potential lying dormant within and arouse it to life.

Sonja’s heart desire is to see all people living their highest potential – something she discovered through her own journey. She firmly believes this involves paying attention to the “whole” of who you were created to be – body, soul & spirit. Integration is key to living whole.

Sonja’s heart radiates with light and life formed through much struggle, suffering and tears. She has fought many courageous battles in her life and has discovered that within the struggle lies an invitation to great joy and transformation.

Faced with the pain of abuse and dysfunction that fueled a life of high performance, overachievement, and perfectionism, Sonja crashed and burned in 2012. Physically exhausted and battling adrenal fatigue, her cortisol levels shot off the charts. Heartbroken and spiraling downward, she struggled to find solutions for the excruciating headaches, anxiety, and depression that had become her frequent companions. Sonja sensed an invitation to a daring path, one she wouldn’t have chosen on her own.

For years Sonja lived needing to have all the answers and the perceived safety of black and white certainty. Through the journey, she began to see her imperfections as gifts and grow in the ability to love herself more and embrace mystery. It has been a joyful time of learning to enjoy the wonders of life and relationships through the uncertain and unexpected twists and turns life seems to bring. Through her training as a certified Daring Way™ facilitator with Dr. Brené Brown, she discovered that numbing certain emotions limited her ability to thrive. Contrary to popular belief, the sorrow and pain we experience in life have the opportunity to become the true path to joy.

Just as the wounds in her heart were beginning to heal, her younger brother Aaron was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at age 34. This began a gut-wrenching journey of indescribable pain and sorrow, and an invitation into even greater trust and surrender. Desperately seeking for scientific, medical and spiritual solutions that would give her brother life, she embarked on a journey of increased discovery about health, toxins, diet, and emotional wellness that has positively influenced her approach toward life and coaching.

As Aaron’s battle intensified, Sonja once again found herself at a crossroads. Through many tears, she learned to let go of her grip and yield her heart once more. As Sonja and Matt walked with Aaron and his wife through the beauty of his final days in this realm, they experienced many miracles of the heart. Aaron lived well the last 18 months of his life. He lived full. He did his own heart work and became truly free. Through her family’s journey with her brother, it became even more clear to Sonja that she wanted to live the remainder of her days helping others find their life of purpose, wholeheartedness and authentic joy – their highest potential.

Sonja continues to pursue her own journey towards heart healing, spirit and soul growth, and physical wellness. For her, it’s the only way now. Sonja carries this message: the journey may be hard and uncertain, but it is worth it. Living wholeheartedly is the only way to truly live. There is greater abundance with each step we take if we choose the courageous path – the road less traveled.

With her husband at her side, Sonja has worn several hats over the years but believes all these roads have led her to this space of coaching others.

Sonja’s background:

-ACC-ICF certified coach trained in Mindfulness (presence based) Coaching, Results Trained Coaching with the NeuroLeadership Group (2013-present)

-Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator  (2013-present)

-Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator (2019-present)

-Founder of Joyful Vida, a community collaboration of health and wholeness utilizing essential oils and other natural remedies. (2013 to present)

-Co-founder of Harvest Rock Properties/Homes, a real estate investment firm (2005-present)

-Director & Overseer of a Christian ministry school (2007-2012)

-Owner & creator of an upscale, full service retail destination serving the bridal industry (1996-2005)

-Top producer in pharmaceutical sales and surgical sales (1991-1996)

You can’t lead someone where you have never been. Sonja invites you to discover this space of grace she and many others have found. It is time to learn to live wholeheartedly. Come discover tools to help you along on your journey, none of us were ever meant to do this alone. To inquire about her availability and what might be the best fit for you or your organization, please contact Sonja for a complimentary 1/2hr inquiry session.

“What will you do with your resurrected life? Unless you pass on the lessons you have learned to others, there has been no real gift at all.” – Richard Rohr